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Alan Gourgey QC

Call: 1984    QC: 2003

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A popular silk known for his intellectual agility and strong advocacy skills”, Alan has long been recommended in the legal directories for commercial dispute resolution as well as commercial chancery work. He is also recommended in the related areas of civil fraud and information technology disputes. He has a “formidable reputation”; his experience covering a very wide variety of areas such as joint venture and shareholder disputes, claims involving banks and other financial institutions, contractual disagreements and complex commercial litigation generally. Clients praise the fact that he is “incredibly bright and hardworking; a real team player”.

The recent 2016 edition of Chambers & Partners describes him “in one word, brilliant. He has a fantastic legal mind, and he is also very commercial in how he approaches disputes. Excellent at dealing with everybody, he’s approachable and not aloof. Once in court he’s a great cross-examiner who can deliver submissions without any reference to notes.”

His recent experience includes:

  • Interactive Technology Corporation v Ferster: claim for breaches of fiduciary duty, misappropriation of assets and other wrong doing in respect of operation of an online gaming business. Together with an unfair prejudice position.
  • Acting for subsidiaries of a Russian State owned gas company in Stockholm arbitrations relating to the transit of natural gas to Europe and the supply of natural gas.
  • National Bank Trust v Belyayev & Ors: acting for defendants in claims bought by Russian bank against its former owners for breaches of duty with claims in the region of $800m.
  • Andanza Technologies v 724 Solutions & Ors: acting for defendants in relation to contract for internet optimization software where defendants are facing claims of circa $200m.
  • Westburg v Profitstar: acting for the claimant in proceedings in the BVI. Seeking to enforce a judgment of the Liechtenstein style court in the sum of $105m against securities.
  • VTB Bank v Parline Ltd & Ors: Alan acted for this Russian bank in a £49m Commercial Court claim brought under the provisions of the Russian Civil Code.
  • Bank of Moscow JC BVI & Ors: a US$150m claim for misappropriation of assets where Alan has been instrumental in obtaining freezing orders and committal proceedings.
  • Caliendo v Mishcons: claim arising from sale of Queens Park Rangers. The case has become important in relation to the application of the Mitchell guidelines. This case was named as a top 20 case for 2015 by The Lawyer.
  • Silva Property Investment Ltd v Co-operative Bank: dispute concerning the enforcement of an agreement to purchase an hotel by way of purchase of shares and requiring that a charge in favour of the bank be expunged.
  • Jeffrey Blower/Eversheds v Stanley International Betting Ltd & L Sports Investments Ltd: a joint venture agreement dispute relating to a Polish company and the liability of one of the partners to indemnify another in respect of a £25m guarantee.
  • Camden Market v IBRC [2014] 23109 Ch: acting for the claimant in relation to claims under a facility agreement including claims for breaches of an implied term.
  • Hawksford Trustees Jersey Limited v Stella Global UK Limited and another: a claim under share purchase agreement for travel group chain concerning deferred consideration. There followed an earlier claim for rectification for a share purchase agreement: [2012] EWCA Civ 55.
  • NASS Lubricants & Chemicals Ltd & Ors re Afton Chemicals: High value claim relating to claims that the Iraqi government, just after the invasion, agreed to buy a particular gasoline additive from the claimant but then used another supplier.