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Jonathan Hilliard QC

Call: 2003    QC: 2016

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Jonathan is the youngest barrister currently recommended by Chambers & Partners in Band 1 of juniors.

He regularly acts on his own account, whether by himself or leading a junior junior, against QCs.

Apart from the cases listed below, he is currently involved in a significant number of rectification and construction claims and associated professional negligence actions.

Over the last few years, his reported cases have included the following:

  • British Airways – listed for 6 week trial in autumn 2016.
  • Box Clever [2011 – date] CA, UT and DP unled against Michael Furness QC and Lord Pannick QC; final UT hearing listed for early 2018.
  • Pensions liberation fraud case- listed for 2 ½ weeks in autumn 2017.
  • Pollock v Reed (2016)- acted for tPR in a series of hearings over a pension restructuring.
  • MNRPF (2014/5)- acted for Stena Line in dispute over broadening the pool of contributing employers, culminating in a 20 day final hearing.
  • Becker v Fellowes v tPR [2013] Acted unled against commercial silk and junior in relation to a number of pension liberations issue.
  • Bestrustees v Singer & Friedlander [2013]- calculation of s.75 debt.
  • Pi Consulting v tPR and Dalriada v tPR [2013] Acted in a number of hearings concerning pensions liberation, in cases where a number of QCs and senior juniors involved for other parties.
  • MNRPF (2010) First instance and CA in 2010/11 proceedings.
  • BT Pension Scheme Trustees [2010](first instance, CA, including a number of unled hearings).
  • FSS Pension Scheme [2014] Crown Guarantee issues; led by Tim Kerr QC and dealt orally with the technical pension points.
  • Storm Funding [2013] First instance and CA; appeal listed for 10.2014.
  • Lehman FSD [2010] DP and UT; final hearing listed for 2.2015.
  • Nortel & Lehman v tPR insolvency proceedings [2010-2013] first instance, CA and SC)
  • Nortel v tPR [2012] (s.72 PA 2004 dispute.
  • Pilots National Pension Fund [2009-2014].
  • ITS v Hope [2010].
  • ITS v GP Noble [2009-2013].
  • Sea Containers v Gellately [2011].
  • Low v Bonar [2011].
  • Bridge Trustees v Yates [2010-2011]; CA, SC.
  • Bonas CN [2010].
  • Nortel FSD [2010].