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Tom Roscoe

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The vast majority of Tom’s cases arise in a commercial context.

Illustrative cases include:

  • Appearing (unled) in a two-day arbitration in Doha on behalf of a DIFC based client
    concerning the provision of security services in the oil and gas industry.
  • Acting (with Tim Penny QC) on a claim brought by Hong Kong clients against the
    vendors of an international armoured car manufacturer for fraudulent breach of
    warranty and diversion of corporate opportunities.
  • Acting, on an English appeal, for a DIFC based client seeking to strike out a claim
    brought by a former prospective joint venture partner under an alleged UAE-law
    governed agreement.
  •  Advising on Cayman law aspects of Hong Kong based litigation concerning the
    ownership of investment fund assets.
  • Acting on a claim brought in the BVI Commercial Court to enforce multi-million dollar
    promissory notes.
  • Advising judgment creditors on the enforcement of a multi-million dollar Texan
    judgment against the assets of Bahamian companies connected with the judgment
    debtor (with Tim Penny QC) (2016).
  • Appearing in the Dubai World Tribunal for the multi-day trial of a $50m claim bought
    by an Egyptian labour supply company against a port owner accused of conspiring to
    cause the labour force to breach their employment contracts with the claimant and
    transfer to the employment of a state owned entity: Platinum Services Company EJSC
    v. DP World Ltd DWT 005/2013 [2015] (with Rupert Reed QC)
  • Appearing in the BVI Commercial Court on a contested three day application to
    stay insolvency proceedings brought by loan note holders in the BVI in favour of a
    multibillion dollar court supervised restructuring of the OAS group of companies in
    Brazil (with Tom Lowe QC ) (2015)
  • Advising upon and drafting proceedings in support of a claim to recover some $2m
    said unlawfully to have been withheld under a misapplied profit-share agreement in
    connection with FX trading (2015)
  • Heavy involvement in aspects of Cayman litigation concerning claims against the
    former custodian and administrator of a Madoff feeder-fund (in liquidation) (2015;
    while on secondment)
  • Acting with Michael Bloch QC in a claim to set aside a shipping arbitration award on
    the ground that the award had been procured by fraud: Nestor Maritime SA v Sea
    Anchor Shipping Co Ltd [2012] EWHC 83 (Comm).
  • Advising in relation to and preparing the documentation for an anti-suit injunction
    application to restrain the pursuit of a US $600m fraud claim in Oklahoma in breach of
    an exclusive jurisdiction clause in favour of the English High Court (acting with Michael
    Bloch QC and Charles Hollander QC).