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Title Date Author

Private Client eYearbook 2022

January 2022 Emily Campbell TEP
Michael Ashdown
Brian Green QC
Robert Ham QC
Michael Furness QC
Gilead Cooper QC
Paul Newman QC
Simon Atkinson
Elizabeth Houghton
Jamie Holmes
Jia Wei Lee
Daniel Petrides
Lemuel Lucan-Wilson
Ram Lakshman

Kerr & Hunter on Receivership & Administration (21st Edition)

July 2020 Thomas Robinson
Marcia Shekerdemian QC
Tim Penny QC
Anna Littler
Bobby Friedman
James Goodwin

Pensions, Contracts and Trusts: Legal Issues on Decision Making

May 2020 David Pollard

The Law of Estoppel

February 2020 Michael Barnes QC

Butterworths Property Law Handbook

October 2018 Jonathan Davey QC
Benjamin Faulkner

Rules of the DIFC Courts 2018 (“The Green Book”)

April 2018 Tom Roscoe
Jonathan Chew
Simon Atkinson

The Independent Bar

March 2018 Nicholas Luckman

Kerr & Hunter on Receivers and Administrators

December 2017 Thomas Robinson

The ex turpi causa defence in claims against professionals

December 2016 Emer Murphy

Arbitration of Trust Disputes

September 2016 Thomas Lowe QC

The Law of Rights of Light

March 2016 Michael Barnes QC

Trustee Decision Making: The Rule in Re Hastings-Bass

March 2015 Michael Ashdown

Hill and Redman’s Law of Landlord and Tenant

October 2014 Michael Barnes QC
John Furber QC
James Ayliffe QC
Tiffany Scott QC

The Law of Compulsory Purchase and Compensation

April 2014 Michael Barnes QC

Butterworths Property Law Handbook (10th edition)

November 2013 Jonathan Davey QC
Benjamin Faulkner

Arbitration in England

July 2013

Development Disputes: Current issues for property litigators

November 2012 Michael Barnes QC
John Furber QC
Joanne Wicks QC
Tiffany Scott QC
Julian Greenhill QC
Benjamin Faulkner
Emer Murphy
Tom Roscoe

Hot Topics in Property Law: A Surveyor’s Guide

July 2008 John Furber QC
Jonathan Seitler QC
Joanne Wicks QC
Martin Hutchings QC
Julian Greenhill QC