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Time for a wealth tax?

18.08.20: Emily Campbell and Simon Atkinson discussing some of the issues relating to wealth taxes and how one might be applied in the United Kingdom.


Property in the pandemic: Force Majeure

11.06.20: Jonathan Davey QC and Julian Greenhill QC speak about Force Majeure clauses in a property context against the backdrop of the C-19 lockdown and the lifting of said lockdown.


Is this the vaccine? The Corporate Insolvency and Governance Bill

26.05.20: Marcia Shekerdemian QC and Rachael Earle discuss the bill.


Business interruption claims – are they spreading?

22.05.20: Two of our commercial silks, Stuart Isaacs QC and Terence Mowschenson QC, discuss the key issues arising at the moment in insurance claims resulting from the interruption to businesses due to the Covid-19 situation.


Property in the pandemic: Possession proceedings (Follow-up video)

20.05.20: Francesca Mitchell and Daniel Petrides revisit PD51Z in light of the Court of Appeal’s recent decision in Arkin v Marshall [2020] EWCA Civ 620.


Adoption by administrators after Carluccio’s and Debenhams

15.05.20: David Pollard, Thomas Robinson and Tara Taylor discuss the adoption of contracts by administrators following the decisions in Carluccio’s and Debenhams.


Property in the pandemic: Impact on 1954 Act proceedings (Part II)

06.05.20: Benjamin Faulkner and Harriet Holmes return with their discussion focusing on the the effects of C-19 on 1954 Act proceedings. In Part II, they consider the effects on upcoming unopposed lease renewals.


Property in the pandemic: Impact on 1954 Act proceedings (Part I)

01.05.20: In the first of a two-part discussion of the impact of COVID-19 on 1954 Act proceedings, Benjamin Faulkner and Harriet Holmes, look at issues in upcoming opposed renewals, particularly on ground (f) cases.


Property in the pandemic: Possession proceedings

24.04.20: Daniel Scott, Francesca Mitchell and Daniel Petrides discuss the scope and application of Practice Direction 51Z in light of both its recent revision and the forthcoming appeal concerning its legality.


Requests for contribution breaks: issues for trustees to consider

22.04.20: Paul Newman QC and Simon Atkinson discuss some of the issues facing trustees of occupational pension schemes who are asked by employers for contribution holidays. They consider issues such as reporting requirements, actuarial input and membership concerns, and how trustees might deal with them.


Property in the pandemic: Insurance and rent suspension

17.04.20: Jonathan Seitler QC and Joanne Wicks QC discuss insurance and rent cesser in the pandemic.


Property in the pandemic: Supervening illegality

16.04.20: Martin Hutchings QC and Tiffany Scott QC discuss supervening illegality in landlord and tenant relationships.


Property in the pandemic: Break clause conditions during lockdown

09.04.20: Benjamin Faulkner, James McCreath and Jonathan Chew discuss the difficulties tenants may have in exercising break clauses in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.


Insolvency proceedings and remote hearings

08.04.20: A practical solution for extraordinary times? Marcia Shekerdemian QC and Rachael Earle discuss the new “Temporary Insolvency Practice Direction” (TIPD) and remote hearings.

Property in the pandemic: Frustration

06.04.20: What arguments exist on frustration of leases in these difficult times? Jonathan Seitler QC and Joanne Wicks QC debate the approaches that could be adopted