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Bobby Friedman

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Bobby is a busy and successful commercial practitioner.  He is currently instructed in a number of significant commercial cases, both as sole counsel and as a junior. He has a particular interest in and experience of civil fraud and is frequently called on to obtain or resist freezing injunctions; and he frequently deals with Russian/CIS work. He has also worked in numerous offshore jurisdictions and is happy to accept instructions globally. He was recently called to the BVI bar.

Bobby appears frequently in the Commercial Court; dealing with commercial matters in the Chancery Division; and in arbitrations. He is well-suited to the demands of commercial work, and combines intellectual rigour with the tenacity needed to deal with high-value and complex claims.

Recent matters of note include:

  • Acting as sole counsel for the defendant resisting a major Commercial Court fraud claim worth over £1 billion (ongoing).
  • As sole counsel in a number of separate High Court fraud claims arising out of email “phishing” attacks. Bobby has successfully obtained (and held) a number of freezing injunctions as well as Norwich Pharmacal/Bankers Trust relief (3 separate cases, ongoing); Solid property v Singh [2018] 3 WLUK 589.
  • Acting for a major international company resisting the enforcement of an arbitration award worth some $3 billion, in the Commercial Court AB v CD [2019].
  • Representing a company bringing a number of LCIA arbitration claims in fraud arising from a Russian dispute, worth hundreds of millions of pounds (ongoing).
  • Acting for an inter-dealer broker bringing a major High Court claim for conspiracy and breach of confidentiality (ongoing).
  • A major Commercial Court claim for a client seeking damages in deceit and unlawful means conspiracy. Bobby was part of a team that successfully obtained a number of freezing injunctions (Gerald Metals v Timis [2017] EWHC 1375).
  • Acting in an LCIA arbitration for a client seeking damages of hundreds of millions of pounds arising from breaches of a contract concerning the operation of a mine (ongoing).
  • Acting in an LME arbitration concerning the non-delivery of copper concentrate (ongoing).
  • Acting as sole counsel in a Chancery Division claim arising from a commercial contract worth £60 million, which settled shortly before trial in 2017 (Frogmore v Nationwide).
  • BVI proceedings concerning whether a trust of shares in a very high-profile Ukrainian company is a fraud (ongoing).
  • Acting as a junior in a significant LCIA arbitration concerning a Russian commercial dispute (2018, adjourned).
  • Acting as junior counsel in a 3-week Commercial Court trial concerning the termination of a contract on the National Express network.
  • Acting for the defendant in a Commercial Court claim alleging breach of fiduciary duty (2018).
  • Resisting a freezing injunction sought in the Chancery Division in respect of a claim in deceit (2017).
  • Acting for a trustee in a £50m High Court civil fraud claim (as a junior) (settled shortly before trial).
  • Acting for a trading company resisting proceedings brought against it in Sierra Leone (ongoing).
  • Acting for the lessee of an aircraft in a claim seeking declarations that the lessor is not entitled to require redelivery of the aircraft (ongoing).
  • Acting for a major newspaper bringing a High Court claim for sums due to it under a commercial contract (ongoing).
  • Acting for a trade financing company seeking recovery of sums due to it under a guarantee.
  • Acting for a Greek businessman resisting enforcement of a Greek judgment (Catalina v Kapsokolis [2018] EWHC 1309 (QB)).
  • Resisting the enforcement of a Florida judgment (listed for trial in late 2019).

Other matters include:

  • Successfully striking out an appeal brought in a commercial contract claim.
  • Acting for the company, a successful tech start-up, in an unfair prejudice petition.
  • Acting for the defendant trader resisting a claim concerning alleged wrongful trading, concerning the entering into of trades beyond his authority and related matters.
  • Acting for the claimant seeking recovery of sums paid under a contract. The sums were due to be invested in contracts for difference and other derivative products but these were wrongly/incorrectly invested.
  • Acting for a litigation funder seeking the variation of a freezing injunction.
  • Acting for the claimants against a major high street bank in a misselling claim involving an interest rate hedging product.
  • Successfully arguing in a High Court Part 8 claim for a novel construction of the provisions of the Companies Act 2006 concerning a reduction of capital.
  • Acting for the claimant in a major breach of contract claim arising from a redevelopment.
  • Acting for a director in the Isle of Man facing regulatory proceedings.
  • Acting for an introducer seeking payment of unpaid fees.
  • Obtaining a freezing order against a fraudulent employee of a significant company.
  • Successfully obtaining a freezing injunction in a claim for unjust enrichment and dishonest assistance and then successfully obtaining judgment in favour of the claimant.
  • Advising a third party on the release of funds under a freezing injunction.
  • Acting as sole counsel for a major financial organisation in a significant claim arising out of the construction of a facility agreement.
  • Successfully seeking (as sole counsel) worldwide freezing injunctions against a number of parties in the High Court in respect of a number of instances of fraud.
  • Acting for a company seeking to enforce its charge against a fraudster in the context of the fraudster’s divorce.
  • Acting for a contractor in a major Middle Eastern dispute alleging fraud and bad faith.
  • Acting for a businessman who is owed sums by a hedge fund manager pursuant to an advisory contract.
  • or a venture capital firm in respect of resisting a claim for payment by professional
  •  Advising on arrest of an aircraft.
  • Advising and drafting in respect of numerous commercial contracts.
  •  Acting for a company in resisting claims for the payment of sums under a consultancy contract.
  •  Acting for a major bank in respect of claims arising from a contractual agreement.