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Brian Green QC

Call: 1980    QC: 1997

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Trusts, Tax, Probate & Estates

Brian is consistently star rated in the Chambers & Partners and Top Rated in The Legal 500:

Chambers & Partners 2019 (Trusts): “Immensely clever, immensely bright and capable of moving hugely intractable cases along.” “Lightning quick at grasping issues, he is a very persuasive advocate who has huge authority.”

Chambers & Partners 2019 (Chancery: Traditional): “An extraordinarily brilliant man and one of the best advisers and advocates at the Chancery Bar. He is very good with clients and inspires confidence.” “Incredibly intelligent, he deals with huge cases in a down to earth and sensible manner.”

Chambers & Partners 2019 (Tax: Private Client): “He is brilliant and is definitely my go-to barrister. He always comes up with very pragmatic advice and always manages to put together seemingly incompatible strands of very complex matters. What sets him apart is that he always makes a point of making himself available to us and will drop everything so we can get everything done and satisfy our client.”

Chambers & Partners 2019 (Offshore): “Incredibly intelligent, but also down-to-earth and sensible. He has just the sort of attitude you need.”

Private trusts work covers the full range of trusts, estates and revenue related planning and practice, including:

  • The taxation of UK onshore and offshore trust structures, involving both out of court and in court arrangements
  • Variation of Trusts Act applications
  • Compromises and settlements
  • Construction and rectification proceedings
  • Trustee Act and Settled Land Act applications
  • Like proceedings in offshore jurisdictions

Commercial trusts work is exceptionally varied. Examples include advising:

  • Insurance company managers and custodian trustees on the governance and dispute resolution in the operation of real estate unit trust and related limited partnership structures faced with LTV and other related issues.
  • International bondholders concerned to maintain their non-subordinated status under custodian and other trust documents subjected to offshore insolvency proceedings.

Offshore work includes;

  • Ongoing advisory work in Australia, Bermuda, BVI, Cayman Islands, Guernsey, Jersey, and Hong Kong.
  • Appearances in the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal and Court of Appeal, Supreme Court of Bermuda, Grand Court of the Cayman Islands, and BVI Court.
  • Recent advisory work has also involved trusts in the Bahamas, the Cook Islands, Gibraltar, Isle of Man, Mauritius and New Zealand.
  • Expert opinion work.

Offshore work routinely involves working with professionals in other jurisdictions, including the domiciliary jurisdictions of settlors, US grantors and/or beneficiaries – and Brian’s recent work has involved close association with Austrian, Canadian, Californian, New York and Swiss attorneys, often with a need to understand their relevant tax systems applicable to trust entities.