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Fenner Moeran QC

Call: 1996    QC: 2014

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Trusts, Tax, Probate & Estates

Fenner has a leading reputation in the field of Traditional Chancery and Private Client litigation. “Very smooth and demonstrates very good judgement. He puts together hugely coherent arguments in court.” (Chambers Global – Trusts 2018)

“Incredibly clever and very bright, he provides very practical and commercial advice. He is good on strategy and absolutely superb in court.” “Fenner really delves into the academic nuances which arise in this area of law. He is really committed to cases and always wins the client’s confidence.” “Very bright and very diligent, he has a mind that is incredibly lucid and he can recall every detail.” “A strong and sensible advocate, who is able to deal with some of the most difficult and complex matters. He stands his ground when needed but is also open to cutting a deal.” (Chambers & Partners – Chancery Traditional 2018/2019).

Earlier editions have said “A renowned trusts expert, who has a particularly effective real property practice. Commentators further note that he is an expert in highly sensitive family and matrimonial disputes” and he has “a much-admired practice in property and trust litigation” and is known as being “An excellent advocate, [who] comes up with creative solutions.” “He is able to distil complex issues into understandable terms for lay clients.” In this area Fenner again specialises in the more litigious areas, including in particular property disputes arising out of or parallel to matrimonial proceedings (“He is especially well regarded for his expertise in cases arising from divorce proceedings”), and misfeasance of trustees, directors and other fiduciaries.

Notable cases include:

  • Re 8th Earl Bathurst [2018] EWHC 21 (Ch). Construction of statutory wills, executor’s duty to assent assets.
  • Baker v Dunne [2016] WTLR 1489. Abuse of process and Beddoe proceedings.
  • Preedy v Dunne [2016] EWCA Civ 805. Proprietary estoppel, estoppel by convention and trustees.
  • Morley-Clarke v Brooks [2011] WTLR 297. Court’s discretion to capitalise life interest of widow on intestacy. Impact of non-consummation of marriage and lack of capacity to marry.
  • MCP Pension Trustees Ltd v Aon Pension Trustees Ltd [2009] EWHC 1351 (Ch). Notice, knowledge and forgetfulness for Trustee Act 1925 s.27 advertisements.