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Jia Wei has a broad and varied commercial practice. He is comfortable working both as part of large teams, or in his own right. 

Notable recent instructions include:

  • Raiffeisen Bank International v Scully Royalty. Acting for various defendants in civil fraud proceedings in the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands, involving claims over €40m under the Cayman Fraudulent Dispositions Law and in conspiracy. This includes two separate appeals on interlocutory matters before the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands (with John Wardell QC).
  • Chia Hsing Wang v Otaibi. Acting in an ongoing dispute between a private individual and his financial advisors about his substantial investments in various offshore investment funds in the Cayman Islands and the BVI (with John Wardell QC and Tom Roscoe).
  • Takhar v Gracefield Developments Limited. Acting successfully for the claimant in long-running claim to set aside a judgment obtained in 2010 on the basis that judgment had been procured by fraud (with John Wardell QC).
  • Otello Corporation ASA v Moore Freres & Company LLC & ors (Chancery Division). Acting for the defendants in relation to consequential matters arising out of order appointing a receiver over shares pursuant to s996 of the Companies Act 2006 (with Nikki Singla QC).
  • Acting in an LCIA arbitration for a client seeking damages of several hundred million pounds, arising from breaches of contract pertaining to the operation and ownership of a mine (with Alan Gourgey QC and Bobby Friedman).
  • Acting in unfair prejudice proceedings, in which the petitioners allege that the respondents froze them out of a care home business, and diverted business opportunities to other companies in their sole control (with Jack Watson).
  • Drafting proceedings alleging, inter alia, that senior employees of a design-and-build company had been paid bribes/secret commissions to falsely inflate invoices over the course of several years, and advising in relation to the parties’ disclosure obligation (with Zoë Barton QC).
  • Drafting proceedings alleging a multi-million pound fraud arising out of various interrelated agreements for the purchase of shares in a Swedish public company.
  • Preparing witness evidence in a derivative claim against the directors of a company, alleging unconscionable receipt of profit at the company’s expense, and to rescind the transfer of a hotel to a separate company controlled by said directors.
  • Advising various Malaysian shareholders as to potential unfair prejudice proceedings arising out of the alleged dilution of their shareholding in an English investment company.
  • Advising in relation to the recoverability of various losses arising out of the breach of a services agreement between a defence services company and an IT service provider, in  circumstances where said agreement contained a clause limiting the recovery of direct losses.
  • Acting successfully for the claimants in Dragon Associates Limited v Elevare London Limited, seeking repayment of fees owed in respect of services provided by a PR agency.
  • Acting successfully for the claimants in Peter Shakeshaft & Vin-X Limited v William Storey & Rich Energy Limited, concerning the scope of a director’s obligation to procure the transfer of his company’s shareholding to the claimants, and possible proprietary estoppels arising from representations to such effect.