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John Martin QC

Call: 1972    QC: 1991

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John Martin has frequently appeared in major pensions litigation, particularly where the litigation can be characterised as hostile. He also advises in potentially contentious pension cases.

Recent examples are as follows:

  • Obtained order that party to major pensions litigation represent itself, instead of being oblige to accept representation by others: Re P D Teesport [2009] Pens LR 263.
  • Appeared in PNPF Trust Co v Taylor [2010] Pens LR 261. This was a major case concerning deficit repair contributions in industry-wide scheme.  Although unsuccessful at trial, John Martin’s client was subsequently able to compromise its appeal on favourable terms available to no other party as a direct result of the litigation strategy adopted.
  • Instructed in litigation concerning an industry-wide scheme affecting Merchant Navy employees.
  • Advised on deficit funding implications of industry-wide scheme affecting the dairy industry.
  • Determined application for rectification of industry-wide scheme: MNOPF v Watkins [2013] EWHC 4741 (Ch).
  • Advised on the effect of the Public Service Pensions Act 2013.