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John Martin QC

Call: 1972    QC: 1991

+44 (0)20 7306

Trusts, Tax, Probate & Estates

John Martin has an extensive practice in international and domestic contentious trust work.

Examples of cases he has been involved in in recent years are as follows:

  • Acting in the final proceedings in the Thyssen case in Bermuda and the Cayman Islands, involving protracted and hostile negotiations for the partition of the trust fund.
  • Representing the interim administrators of the estate of a Georgian oligarch as party to well-publicised litigation by Boris Berezovsky.
  • Representing minor and unborn beneficiaries in extensive and hard-fought negotiations for the partition of a CAD multi-billion trust established by a Canadian in Bermuda.
  • Acting for younger members of a family in successfully resisting an attempt by their brother in English proceedings to overturn a confidentiality clause in an order compromising previous family trust proceedings.
  • Acting in long-running proceedings in the Cayman Islands concerning a challenge to a trustee’s decision to make an IPO in relation to the company through which the trust’s business was conducted.
  • Acting in proceedings in Bermuda concerning trustee oversight of a major international business owned by the trust.
  • Acting in the first bouts of the Wahr-Hansen protracted and hostile proceedings in the Cayman Islands brought by an administrator appointed by a Scandinavian tax authority to recover very substantial sums allegedly misappropriated from a trust.
  • Acting in proceedings in Canada relating to the diversification of a £ multi-billion fund with major land holdings in England.
  • Acting in proceedings in the Cayman Islands concerning the validity of a clause purporting to forfeit the interest of a beneficiary who challenged any decision of the trustee or protector: AN -v- Barclays Private Bank & Trust (Cayman) Limited and others [2007] WTLR 565.
  • Acting in relation to Jersey proceedings concerning the conduct of a company by a beneficiary of a Guernsey trust that controlled the company.
  • Acting in proceedings in Gibraltar concerning alleged breaches of trust in a substantial fund.
  • Acting in a family dispute concerning the removal of a newly-appointed trustee and protectors.
  • Acting in relation to trusts of bond issue effected in Netherlands Antilles: part of protracted and well-publicised Bell Group litigation primarily based in Australia.
  • Acting  in a family dispute concerning division of a renowned collection of porcelain.
  • Acting in connection with de facto revocation of trusts affecting very substantial proceeds of the sale of an international business, involving proceedings in Nevis, BVI and London.