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Jonathan Seitler QC

Call: 1985    QC: 2003

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Domestic Arbitration & ADR

Jonathan has over 20 years experience in acting as an arbitrator or as expert in an expert determination, having started this aspect of his practice in the mid-1990’s. His Awards and Determinations have covered all areas connected with property litigation and related professional negligence, including:

  • Development Agreements
  • Overage
  • Rent review
  • Disrepair
  • Points of Contractual Interpretation
  • Sale and Purchase agreements (SPA’s)
  • Landlord and Tenant covenants

Jonathan’s manner is perfectly suited to winning the confidence of clients on both sides of a dispute and then resolving in in a way which is not just in accordance with the law and procedure and not just swift and economical, but is also in a manner which allows even the unsuccessful party to be assured that it has had a fair hearing and a proper disposal of its argument. This ensures that whilst the party in the right prevails, commercial relationships and not ruined going forward.

Jonathan’s track record as an arbitrator and Expert is such that the market continues to provide a him with a steady flow of this type of work. This is the strongest testament to his success in the field.


Jonathan has been a qualified mediator for 15 years over which time he has carried out hundreds of mediations. His style is firm but friendly and his skill is in not having the wool pulled over his eyes yet using the clear vision this provides to maximum effect (which usually means not making a big deal about it). His success rate in mediations is very high and he is particularly chuffed that such success is often achieved without having to continue the mediation beyond normal office hours.

Jonathan also appeared for the successful party in the Court of Appeal in PGF v OMFS [2013] EWCA Civ 1288, the case which laid down the principles for the punishment of parties who ignore invitations to mediate.

Jonathan carries out mediations across all aspects of civil litigation and particularly enjoys cases with a property or related professional negligence angle.

Jonathan is also available to offer early neutral evaluations.