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Jonathan Seitler QC

Call: 1985    QC: 2003

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Professional Liability

Jonathan’s particular speciality is property-related professional negligence.

His practice therefore largely involves claims against solicitors and valuers. He has acted consistently both for claimants and for defendants and has enjoyed success in relation to both.

Many professional negligence cases in which Jonathan has been involved have been high-profile and for that and other reasons, most have settled without the necessity for trial. Invariably, these settlements have involved highly satisfactory outcomes for Jonathan’s clients. His reported cases are, therefore merely the tip of the iceberg in terms of the work he has been carrying out in this field.

Reported cases include:

  • Rentokil v Goodman Derrick pending – solicitor’s negligence relating to sale of land subject to satisfaction of planning conditions.
  • Herrmann v Withers LLP  – Scope of solicitor’s duty, standard of solicitor’s duty, measure of damages.
  • Moffat v Burges Salmon  – Solicitor’s duty, loss of a chance.
  • Credit Lyonnais SA v Russell Jones & Walker –  liability for negligence when a firm of solicitors had been negligent in failing to draw a client’s attention to the fact that time was of the essence in the case of a condition precedent concerned with the early termination of a lease.
  • Eastgate Group Ltd v Lindsey Morden Group Inc –  accountant’s negligence on sale of business, contributory negligence and contribution.
  • Howkins & Harrison v Tyler  – valuer’s negligence, contribution between solicitor and valuer.
  • Legal & General Mortgage Services Ltd v HPC Professional Services  – surveyor’s negligence, margin of error in valuation.