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Joseph Steadman

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Trusts, Tax, Probates & Estates

Joseph has a busy trusts and probate practice across a wide variety of contexts, including in the context of divorce proceedings.

Joseph’s trusts experience includes acting in relation to both onshore and offshore trusts, often requiring an awareness of tax concerns. Recent experience includes:

  • acting (as part of a team of matrimonial and trusts counsel) on behalf of the applicant wife in ancillary relief proceedings, seeking a share of a multi-billion dollar offshore trust and company structure;
  • advising in relation to the validity and construction of will trusts, and on the exercise of powers by the trustees; and
  • (as a pupil) assisting with advice concerning the appointment and removal of trustees, both onshore and offshore.

Joseph’s recent probate and estates experience includes:

  • advising in relation to the validity of various wills and codicils;
  • drafting proceedings concerning the construction of a will and the ownership of joint bank accounts in relation to an estate in Singapore; and
  • advising in relation to unexplained transfers made shortly before a testator’s death to one of the beneficiaries of his will.