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Call: 1987    QC: 2015

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Professional Discipline

Marcia regularly represents accountants, auditors and IPs in disciplinary proceedings. She is also one of the Chancery Bar Association’s nominated representatives on the Barristers’ Complaints Advisory Service panel and in that capacity she represents and advises members of the Bar pro bono when they have been the subjects of complaints to and disciplinary action by the Bar Standards Board.

Significant cases:

  • Bell v ICAEW (2016) Marcia represented the Appellant before the Appeal Committee of the ICAEW, successfully overturning the first instance decision to suspend her client’s insolvency license for a period of 2 years.
  • Re a Chartered Accountant (anonymised). Marcia advised a chartered accountant in disciplinary proceedings brought by the ICAEW as a consequence of his practice entering into a CVA (2013).
  • Re an Insolvency Practitioner (anonymised). Marcia represented an IP in disciplinary proceedings before the ACCA, the central charge being professional misconduct in relation to an IVA (2012).
  • Re an auditor: Marcia successfully defended a firm of chartered accountants in disciplinary proceedings before the ACCA. The central charge was professional misconduct in relation to an allegedly negligent audit of the client company’s accounts by reference to the forged valuation of a gemstone (2011).