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Nikki Singla QC

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“Incredibly commercial with clients and speaks their language. He gets the balance right between impressing clients, working with solicitors, and understanding the commercial realities of day-to-day business.” Chambers & Partners

Passionate and clever on his feet, and a go-to advocate for difficult business disputes.” The Legal 500

He has a breadth of expertise covering a wide range of commercial and business disputes particularly in the fields of complex contracts, joint ventures and director and shareholder disputes, IP licensing agreements, media and entertainment, and professional negligence. He brings additional depth to his practice with his expertise in equity, equitable remedies including asset tracing, trusts and trusts litigation, and company and partnership law.

His recent cases include:

  • Otello Corp ASA v Moore Frères and Co LLC (Chancery Division): Trial determining the valuation of a minority shareholding and other related valuation matters in a shareholder’s unfair prejudice petition.
  • Singularis Holdings Limited (in official liquidation) v Chapelgate Credit Opportunity Master Fund Limited (Chancery Division): Trial determining the construction of a litigation funding agreement and whether damages deducted for contributory negligence were to be added back in for the purpose of ascertaining the funder’s share of damages.
  • Reliantco Investments Ltd v Dr Craig Wright (Commercial Court): Non-party disclosure application.
  • Robins v Furniss (Chancery Division):  Urgent application to determine the right of a solicitor partner to withhold inspection of client files amidst a partnership dispute in a firm of solicitors.
  • Al-Dowaisan v Al-Salam & Others (Chancery Division): Lead counsel at the trial of a Kuwaiti investor’s claim for an account of his substantial investments in the UK and overseas.
  • In the Matter of a Trust (Supreme Court of Bermuda): Acted for a member of one of the wealthiest Canadian families in the trial of a dispute between him and his father over the application of trust provisions in a complex Bermudian trust and corporate structure. Case was one of the first to consider the application of trust “jurisdiction” clauses.
  • Re a Company (ICC Arbitration): Acting for claimant shareholders seeking damages for conspiracy and relief for unfair prejudice against defendant directors and shareholders of a BVI joint venture investment company.
  • Re a Bank (in liquidation): Advising on obtaining evidence in England for use in a large foreign insolvency proceeding commenced overseas.
  • Ripples Homeland Security v Osborne Clarke Solicitors (Mercantile Court): Acting for claimant in a professional negligence claim against former solicitors for their role in a failed share sale transaction depriving the claimant of investment capital to take the claimant’s technology to market.
  • A v B (Stockholm Chamber of Commerce Arbitration): Acting for the defendant in the trial of a several billion dollar gas transit arbitration between state parties in relation to one of the world’s largest transit pipelines.
  • Re a Company (Grand Court of the Cayman Islands): Acting for directors and shareholders to ascertain “fair value” under Cayman companies’ legislation for minority shares in a management buy-out. Case concerns intricate matters of share valuation and discounted cash flow valuation techniques.
  • E v D (Football Association Arbitration, Rule K): Acting for Premiership footballer in the trial of claims of breach of contract by a former football agent.
  • T v D (Ad hoc Arbitration): Acting for solicitor excluded from a firm of solicitors in the trial of claims for breach of contract, good faith and other partnership duties.
  • The Light Touch Clinic v Forrester (Ch Div): Acting for cosmetic clinic company seeking to enforce restraint of trade clauses against former director and employee setting up competing business and using confidential information.
  • Jenington v Assaubayev and Others (Ch Div): Acting for the defendant directors defending claims of £200million for alleged fraud on AIM investors in respect of mineral ventures in Kazakhstan. Contested applications for worldwide freezing orders, search orders, gagging and passport orders.
  • eGain v (1) RBS (2) Lloyds TSB and 14 others (Commercial Court): Large internet banking fraud against US company – acted for company obtaining a series of asset tracing orders, freezing injunctions and disclosure orders against fraudulent Defendants and several banks and contested interpleader proceedings.
  • X v Y and others: Acting for well-known TV production company in multi-jurisdictional fraud claims against a former director alleged to have misappropriated sums.
  • A v B (DIAC arbitration in Dubai): Acted in the trial for the claimant company building the world’s largest theme park in Dubai against contractors and designers alleged to have acted in breach of the design contract and defending counterclaim for lost profits arising on termination.
  • IEGL v Zurich Insurance plc (Court of Appeal): Acted for defendant insurer seeking the development of new law that would permit equitable contribution from other EL insurers on risk under EL insurance policies for the expanded liability created by the decision of Fairchild v Glenhaven.
  • Television Autonomica Valenciana SA v Imagina (Ch Div): Acted for Formula 1 licensor against Valencian TV broadcast company licensee for unpaid licence fees; concurrent proceedings in Spain and England, application of the lis alibi pendens rule.
  • Arrow Group ApS v Gelmedic Holding ApS (Ch Div): Acted for claimant licensor against large pharmaceutical licensee in breach of contract claim for failing to develop a patent into a lozenge and bring it to market. Consideration of the application of the Limitation Act to a “best endeavours” clause in the contract.
  • Ackerman v Ackerman (Ch Div): Acted for the claimant in the trial of a large complex shareholders’ dispute where a challenge was made to an expert QC’s determination of the division of family corporate assets between two sides of a family.
  • Reeves v Sprecher (Ch Div): Acted for the majority shareholder in a large hedge fund established in London and Nevis in a dispute against the minority shareholder who sought partnership remedies of dissolution and account. Case involved foreign proceedings and considered the jurisdiction of the Court over foreign incorporated companies.
  • Kingfisher Airlines v Hawker (Commercial Court): Acting for Vijay Mallya in a claim concerning his Kingfisher private jet.
  • British Midland Tool v Midland International Tooling (Ch Div): Acting for the claimant company in the lengthy trial of a large conspiracy claim against former directors who set up competing business and breached duties of confidence and other fiduciary duties.
  • Bouverie v De Vere Hotels (Ch Div): Acting for the owners of the Belfry Hotel in the trial of a licensing and hotel management dispute with the De Vere group who operated the hotel.
  • Leeds United FC v Football League (Football Association Arbitration, Rule K): Acting for Leeds FC against the Football League in the trial of the claim to set aside the 15-point penalty imposed on club.
  • Gabbitas Robins v Kordowski (QBD): Acting for claimant solicitors’ firm against the website owners of “Solicitors from Hell” for malicious falsehood in naming the firm on its hit list of solicitors’ firms.
  • Reachlocal UK v Bennett (QBD): Acting for NASDAQ listed company in the trial of its claims against competitors using social media, Twitter and Facebook, to defame and attack the business.