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Call: 1985    QC: 2008

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Professional Liability

The nature of Tom’s work frequently involves negligence on the part of investment managers, actuaries, directors and others who are in the position of trustees and fiduciaries. He regularly finds himself defending auditors and accountants and lawyers both in the UK and offshore.

He has given expert evidence in the US on fiduciary duties and negligence of accountants, administrators and fund managers, usually in the context of financial failures. Such cases include Re Primeo in New York, Wimbledon in California and the BP Securities Litigation in Texas.

He has been counsel in well-known cases such as the claim against trustees in Walker v Stones and on behalf of auditors involvement in a take-over Morgan Crucible v Hill Samuel.

Recent examples of his work include defending solicitors in the Cayman Islands, defending one of the principal fund managers embroiled in the Madoff claims in Bermuda and in the UK and Isle of Man acting for the claimant against fund managers in Isis v Kaupthing.