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Tim Penny QC

Call: 1988    QC: 2016

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Banking & Finance

Tim has a strong banking and financial services practice. In recent years, he has been particularly involved in litigation related to unregulated collective investment schemes.

Some of his recent cases include:

  • The Financial Conduct Authority v Capital Alternatives & 15 others [2014] EWHC 144 (CH), [2014] 3 All ER 780; [2015] EWCA Civ 284:

Tim headed up a team acting for the FCA on a successful 10 day trial against 15 defendants on a preliminary issue of whether certain investment schemes were Collective Investment Schemes within s235FSMA. The defendants’ appeal was dismissed by the Court of Appeal.

Following the FCA’s success on the preliminary issue, Tim is currently (mid-2017) involved as lead counsel for the FCA in the trial on the substantive merits of the financial claims against the corporate and individual defendants, in which the FCA contends that various individuals were knowingly concerned in the operation and promotion of unregulated collective investment schemes and in making arrangements for investors to invest in units in a CIS.

  • The Financial Conduct Authority v Asset L. I. Inc (trading as Asset Land) & others [2016] UKSC 17; [2014] EWCA Civ 435 [2014] Bus LR 993; [2013] EWHC 178 (Ch) [2013] 2 BCLC 480:

Tim headed up the FCA team in what was the first Unauthorised Business Department matter under s235 FSMA (collective investment schemes) to go to a fully contested trial and then to the Court of Appeal. Tim obtained without notice and on notice injunctions, closing down a £20 million ‘land-banking scheme’ and led the team at the subsequent trial of liability and the interim payment hearing.

In 2016, Asset Land finally reached the Supreme Court, where Tim was part of the FCA’s team which successfully resisted the defendants’ appeal: FCA v Asset Land [2016] UKSC 17. This is now the leading case on the meaning of “collective investment scheme” as defined by s235 FSMA.

  • In 2016, Tim appeared before the RDC of the FCA in relation to a claim for authorisation by a debt management firm.
  • Tim regularly advises the FCA and private clients in issues relating to FSMA and in particular relating to the operation and promotion of collective investment schemes and other unregulated business