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Zoë Barton QC

Call: 2003    QC: 2020

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Domestic Arbitration / ADR

Zoë is a member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, giving her a particular insight into the process. She is predictably well-placed to assist in arbitrations and other forms of ADR. This includes acting in expert determinations as an expert in her relevant fields and as which she accepts instructions. Zoë has found that both expert determinations and arbitrations can be particularly well-suited to property-related disputes concerning questions of construction or where there are ongoing commercial relationships between the parties that need to be maintained. She also has experience of advising in respect of the enforceability of arbitration awards, the Courts’ supportive role in arbitrations and the Arbitration Act 1996 generally.

Zoë has been instructed to assist clients in dozens of mediations and (perhaps unusually for a member of her profession) has been described as useful to the process by a mediator on more than one occasion. This is doubtless because she appreciates when the resolution of disputes other than at trial is an important client objective (whether because her client wishes to obtain something that the Court is not capable of awarding or to salvage a commercial or personal relationship) and adapts her style to best pursue those aims: deploying the forensic, advocacy and drafting skills which can benefit a mediation, whilst able to refrain from dominating the process, keeping it client-centred.