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WATCH: Breaches of Contracts for Sale: Rapid Decisions, Long-Term Consequences

Wednesday 21 April 2021 (1.0 CPD)
9.30am - 10.30am

Online, Zoom

Join four Wilberforce Property practitioners in two short dialogues about the difficulties that arise on a breach of contract for sale. These technically complex decisions, made under real time pressure, will often face after-the-event scrutiny, and mistakes can have significant consequences:

Tiffany Scott QC and Simon Atkinson will discuss:

  • Strategies for fending off specific performance applications
  • What happens if insolvency looms?
  • What if the contract is impossible to perform?

Joanne Wicks QC and Jonathan Chew will discuss:

  • The two different bases for terminating contracts on breach (that you may not have thought about before);
  • The difficulties on damages that could arise; and
  • Practically, how to minimise the risk of getting it wrong.