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STEP Cayman Seminar

Monday 21 September 2015 (1.0 CPD)

The Brasserie Conference Facilities , 171 Elgin Avenue, Cricket Square George Town, Grand Cayman

Freedman case – mistake in practice after Pitt v Holt

Clare Stanley QC

  • What does “causative ignorance” mean?
  • What is a “mistaken tacit assumption”?
  • Importance of evidence
  • Mistakes exclusively about tax
  • Is “but for” causation required?


Defending Trusts from attack – who pays the costs?

Michael Furness QC

  • When will trustees of trust be permitted to fund the defence of the trust from the trust fund?
  • When will the court leave it to a third party to undertake the defence of the trust?
  • What happens when the trust is a STAR trust?
  • Can the challenger ever get his costs from the trust fund in any event?
  • How can the successful challenger be protected if the defence is to be paid for by the trust fund
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