Instructing us

Our practice managers and clerking team are able to assist with all enquiries about instructing barristers at Wilberforce, and can offer advice to clients on the suitability and availability of barristers as well as more generally on the process. The team will help to provide fee estimates for budgets and are responsible for cost management of cases going forward. Whatever the issue, we aim to provide a fast and responsive service, keeping interested parties informed throughout.

The barristers at Wilberforce are instructed by a wide range of clients and entities. Instructions come from UK and international law firms and clients, companies and financial institutions, sports and media organisations, directors, private individuals and charities. We operate in the UK and internationally, where we have a strong reputation. Our KCs and Juniors regularly appear in the UK courts and the courts and tribunals of many international and offshore jurisdictions.

Our areas of expertise:

We practise in the following core areas:

Our clients include:

  • UK Solicitor’s firms
  • In House lawyers
  • International / Overseas lawyers
  • Individuals or companies directly – UK and International / Overseas (subject to conditions)
  • Professionals (under the Bar Council’s Licensed Access Scheme)
  • Governments and government departments (subject to conditions)
  • Other authorised litigators
  • Parliamentary agents, patent agents, trademark agents and notaries
  • European lawyers
  • Employed barristers and/or European lawyers registered with the Bar Council
  • Legal advice centres designated by the Bar Council

Fee structures:

From start to finish, practice managers advise clients on the experience, suitability and availability of Counsel for both court cases and advisory matters. The senior practice management team is happy to visit solicitors in their offices to discuss the finer details of members’ practices. The practice managers will advise on fee levels and briefing arrangements and the various ways in which cases can be charged. The most commonly used fee arrangements are: hourly rates (varying according to seniority and experience), fixed fees or agreed brief fees, and refreshers. All fees will subject to VAT, where applicable. The practice managers will structure the fees as accurately and appropriately as possible for each individual case.


At Wilberforce we aim to achieve the highest levels of service possible in all areas, including in relation to the timescales within which the services of our members are provided. Please bear in mind however that there are a number of factors to consider in this respect, including:

  • The availability of the barrister.
  • The availability of the client.
  • The complexity of the case.
  • The amount of papers.
  • The need for additional information or documents.
  • The approach taken by the other side (when conducting litigation)
  • Third party intervention (when conducting litigation).
  • Court waiting times (when conducting litigation).

Again, any aspect of this case be discussed at any time with our practice management team who are happy to give time estimates.

Further information:

Click here to view the Barristers’ Register, which shows (1) who has a current practising certificate, and (2) whether a barrister has any disciplinary findings, which are published on the Barristers’ Register. This website also links to the BSB’s Entities’ Register, which shows the entities are currently authorised by the BSB.

By way of further information, here is a link to the decision data on the Legal Ombudsman’s website, which shows all of the ombudsman’s decisions in the previous 12 months. In each case, the data shows whether ombudsman required the legal services provider to give the consumer a remedy. This will help consumers to make informed decisions about whom to instruct.

If you have any enquiries or require further information about procedures and routes of access to a barrister, please contact the Wilberforce practice management / clerking team, or visit the Bar Council Website.