Early neutral evaluation

Early neutral evaluation is a non-binding form of dispute resolution, by which the parties agree to get an initial “sense-check” from an independent third party with expertise in the relevant field. Whilst it has been used in the field of commercial disputes for some time, there is a growing recognition of the potential benefits of early neutral evaluation in other fields. The parties get a chance to know whether they are on the right track at a relatively early stage, before large sums are expended on fully preparing all the evidence which will be needed in court. The evaluation is not binding and the parties are free to disregard it, but many find that it helps focus minds on the realities of litigation and the likelihood of success, making it easier to reach a sensible settlement out of court.

Our barristers are willing to act as early neutral evaluators in their specialist areas of practice.

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    Sir Paul Morgan appointed an Evaluator with Independent Evaluation

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    Friday 11 March 2022

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