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Thursday 16 May 2024

The Bar Council awards Wilberforce Chambers a Wellbeing Certificate of Recognition

We are delighted to announce that The Bar Council has awarded Wilberforce Chambers a Wellbeing Certificate of Recognition.

Wellbeing at the Bar Certificate

The certificate recognises the “invaluable work demonstrating commitment to wellbeing in the barristers’ profession”. The Bar Council remarked, “Wilberforce Chambers’ continuous work and dedication to wellbeing is very impressive.”

The Bar Council will be posting a short case study regarding Wilberforce Chambers on their Wellbeing at the Bar website. They will highlight Chambers’ use of the Hybrid Healthy tool:

Hybrid Healthy Tool (Wilberforce Chambers): An extension for Microsoft Teams was introduced, enabling members to indicate online what days they will be in Chambers and view when others are also in. This fosters a culture of collaboration and visibility among team members.

Wilberforce Chambers prides itself on continually finding ways to address and provide support for the challenges facing the profession.

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