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Wednesday 17 August 2016

Wilberforce BVI Conference

Thursday 29 September 2016, Peter Island Resort, BVI

Start: 5.00pm

Members of Wilberforce Chambers are delighted to invite you to our afternoon conference on Thursday 29 September. The conference will include short-talks and workshops which will present opportunities for questions and general discussion. Following the conference we would be delighted if you could join us for a drinks reception and BBQ buffet dinner from 7.00pm.

Download timetable here


4.00pm Ferry departs from Tortola

4.30pm Registration (Refreshments will be served)

5.00pm Welcome and introduction from the Chairman Gilead Cooper QC

5.05pm Submission to the Jurisdiction Clare Stanley QC
— Refresher: Enforcement of foreign judgments at common law.
— Discussion: what conduct does/does not amount to “submission” to the jurisdiction of the foreign court?
— Mistaken submission to the jurisdiction of the court and how to fix it.
— Common law waiver of right to challenge jurisdiction, ability to amend/withdraw an acknowledgement of service.

5.20pm Declarations in offshore courts in parallel to ongoing onshore proceedings Graeme Halkerston
— A technique to allow offshore team to play greater role in disputes.
— A review of recent English developments.
— What can a declaration achieve?
— What sort of issues are suitable for such applications?

5.40pm Workshops
A choice of three workshops will be available for delegates, please choose 1 from the list and ensure you mention this when booking by email.

Workshop 1
Disputes over trusts that hold corporate structures
— What can go wrong?
— To what extent can you exclude responsibility for intervening in light of Appleby v Citco (2014, BVI)?
— Using trust company employees as directors.
— Getting information- In the matter of R&RA (2014, Guernsey CA)

Workshop 2
Cross border issues in arbitration and insolvency
— Which comes first, the arbitration or the insolvency?
— To stay or not to stay?
— The UNCITRAL model law on insolvency and practical implications.

Workshop 3
Breaking Privilege: The Fraud Exception
— What conduct engages the exception: is fraud required?
— How strong a case is need that the conduct took place?
— What communications are covered?

6.30pm “The 5 minute Pitch” Chaired by Tom Roscoe
Wilberforce Silks will pick a recent case and attempt in turn to persuade you that it is the most important case from a BVI perspective. They will have 5 minutes each. Who is the most effective? You, the audience, will decide.

6.55pm Closing remarks from Gilead Cooper QC

7.00pm BBQ and Drinks Reception

To book a place on this conference please email your full contact details to or telephone us on +44 (0)207 306 0102.


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