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New eBook: Current Issues in Nuisance and Trespass

Published: Wednesday 23 March 2022

The property team at Wilberforce Chambers is delighted to bring you the following ebook, comprising topical chapters and introductory videos from our barristers on the law of nuisance and trespass:

Current Issues in Nuisance and Trespass (click here to view the full-screen flipbook / click here to download the PDF) 

As this collection of essays shows, in these fundamentally important fields of property law there is much that is uncertain, much to debate, and much that remains in flux. Indeed, the age of many of the cases, and the more recent proliferation of them, often obscures rather than clarifies the law. This ebook attempts to provide food for thought, elicit discussion and help to steer our clients towards the practical steps they can take to avoid, pursue, or defend a claim in the areas of nuisance and trespass which, despite their deep historical roots, remain vital in the 21st century.

We hope you enjoy reading the ebook as much as we enjoyed writing it – the link above takes you to the flipbook, and the PDF version is attached. We welcome your comments and feedback – please get in touch if you would like to share any experiences you have encountered or if you have any questions at all.

We will also be hosting a drinks event to celebrate the launch of the book in due course, and will be in touch about details of this closer to the time.